amNewYork iPad version

Last week, New York free daily amNewYork launched its iPad version. With this version, there must be at least 20 free dailies with a iPad app. All can be downloaded – for free – from the App Store.

Like most of the free newspaper iPad apps, the amNewYork app is pretty basic; leafing through pages, zooming in/out and searching for words are options. Issues can be downloaded for offline use.

Screen shot 2011-07-30 at 5.08.59 PM

There are apps in Italian (City, Leggo), German (Österreich, Heute, 20 Minuten), Chinese (AM730, Metro), English (Metro UK, Evening Standard, amNewYork, Colorado Daily, Vail Daily, Politico), Spanish (Clarin – Argentina), French (20 Minutes – Swiss; Metro – Canada), Slovenian (z24), Hebrew (Israel Hayom) and Czech (iMetro).

Metro Holland has an iPhone app that can be used on the iPad. Dutch newspaper De Pers has a HTML5 web-app.

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