Free weekly launched in Dubai

read_2011Read. – a free weekly targeted at commuters on the Dubai Metro, was launched at the end of June. Every day, some 180,000 commuters use the new underground system in Dubai. (Earlier the plans suggested a free daily.)

The weekly is published every Sunday in English and is distributed on 27 Red Line stations. From September 2011 on it will expand distribution to 16 Green Line stations.

Read. is produced by and distributed by Kassab Media. The paper counts 48 pages at least and has a circulation of 80,000.

Managing Editor of Read. is Arnold Pinto.

Littering is not encouraged by the paper, as it is stated in the FAQ:

“Any Read. copy that is deliberately thrown onto the floor is considered as an act of littering and attracts a fine of AED200 for littering the metro premises.”

Also published in Dubai is free daily 7Days, owned by Associated Newspapers (UK), publisher of the London Metro.

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