Update: Metro US circulation

Yesterday I posted on the claimed circulation leadership of Metro US in their home markets New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The New York circulation was covered some days before.

Problem was that Metro claimed to be the largest paper but that there was no data on other papers. Audits on circulation and readership in the US are problematic anyhow as there is no central auditing organization and audits that do exist are not public. After yesterday’s post, however, some data fell of the back of a truck – so here’s the update.

New York: free daily amNewYork had an average circulation of 326,889 over the six months ending on March 31 2011 according to the CAC audit. Metro had an average circulation of 328,296. Indeed Metro beats amNewYork with 1400 copies and making it #1 in free newspapers.

In Boston Metro distributed 145,802 copies on average during the first three months of 2011. Paid paper The Boston Globe’s circulation is audited by ABC. In 2008/2009 total circulation was 313,395. In the Boston ‘City Zone’ circulation was 142,000 while there were 40,000 copies distributed in Suffolk, the city center. As Metro claims that all their copies are distributed in that area (no ABC or CAC data to back that up), Metro claims is the largest in that area. If that is the case (I’m sure it is) it can hardy be anything new.

In Philadelphia the circulation of Metro was 119,485 during the first three months of 2011. The Philadelphia Inquirer distributed 288,000 copies – again in 2008/2009 according to ABC, 71,000 of those in Philadelphia County. Again no zoned information on Metro and hardly anything new.

On readership Metro beats both Boston Globe (and Herald) and the Philadelphia Inquirer (and Daily News) according to Scarborough Research, but only in the centre of those cities. No readership data on New York are available.

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