City Stockholm folds

city_stockholm_2011After almost 9 years, Bonnier’s free paper Stockholm City will close down this summer. The paper was launched in October 2002 as a – rather late – answer to Metro, the free daily that started in 1995 in the Swedish capital.

In 2008, after years of losses (estimated at almost €70 million) the paper went to a three-days-a-week schedule, and later to twice-a-week.

A Göteborg edition was launched in 2006 and closed a year later. The Malmö edition, also started in 2006, however, is still published.

Also smaller City editions in Helsingborg (2008), Landskrona (2008) and Lund (2011) are still alive. Combined circulation is around 25,000.

The last addition was City Kristianstad that launched in the end of April. All remaining editions of City are published five days a week.

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