Metro US inaccurate bigness claims

metro_Philadelphia_2011After beating competitor amNewYork in circulation in the Big Apple, free daily Metro now also claims to be the biggest in Boston and Philadelphia. All three claims seem to be inaccurate.

In Philadelphia Metro has a circulation of 122,000 while The Inquirer and the Daily News distribute 360,000 copies combined – circulation of the Daily News is less than 100,000. Readership of Metro in Philly is 280,000. The Inquirer and the Daily News have 1.1 million readers.

In Boston Metro circulates 150,000 copies. The Boston Globe, however, has a circulation of 230,000. Readership: Metro 250,000 (2011) / Globe 790,000 (2009).

So, both in Boston and Philadelphia Metro is not the largest paper.

Circulation of Metro in New York is 328,000 while the paper has 640,000 daily readers. amNewYork reported a circulation of 345,000 in their last mediakit (pdf) in 2009 while it reports a readership of more than one million. There could be a drop in circulation of course – but hardly that much while recent official audited readership is not available.

With 1.2 million readers Metro also calls itself the “the largest free daily newspaper in the United States”. This is hardly news, as there is no free competitor with three editions in major cities in the US.

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