Five years UK readership

Tabloid The Sun is – by far – still the best read newspaper in the UK with 7.7 million daily readers. Five years ago The Sun dropped below the 8 million, since 2005 readership is gradually declining.

NRS data shows that also the Daily Mail sees readership decline – from 5.5 million in 22005/2006 to 4.8 million in 2010/2011 – but its position as UK’s second paper is not challenged.

Free daily Metro surpassed the Daily Mirror in 2008/2009 although the paper lost readers for the first time in the last survey.

All other papers – except the Evening Standard – lost readers during the last five years. The Standard, after going free in October 2009 doubled its readership and is bound to surpass the Daily Telegraph, currently the fifth paper in the UK. (click for bigger version)


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