Metro Hungary sold

metro_Hungary_2011Metro International has sold its 100% daughter Metropol Hungary to Megapolis Media Inc for €700,000. The Metro edition will further be published as a franchise in Hungary.

Metro Hungary was launched in 1998 as the third Metro edition after Sweden (1995) and Czech Republic (1997). In 2001 a national edition was launched. Circulation is 290,000 (380,000 in 2007). The paper had a monopoly in the free paper market ever since, except for a few months in 2007.

After a lawsuit between Metro Hungary and Metro Cash & Carry AG the courts decided in August 2008 that Metro would have to change its name to Metropol. Metro and Axel Springer (regional newspapers, a Sunday paper, a business paper and magazines) work together on printing.

In January 2010 Metropol moved to the smaller half-Berliner, also used by Metro in the Czech Republic.

In 2010 the Hungarian edition made a small profit after being in the red for many years.

The sale fits in the pattern of selling (mostly unprofitable) editions and operating them further as franchises, like it was done in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece.

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