Details from Metro’s annual report

Metro2010Metro’s annual report goes into detail when it concerns the different country editions; all of those – except France – made a profit in 2010.

  • Sweden: a 17% EBIT margin (8% in 2009) with becoming biggest recruitement site in the country. EBIT in 2010 €11.5 million.
  • Denmark: 3% EBIT margin and a EBIT result of €749,000 – the company received €5 million in government distribution subsidies in 2010; without the subsidies, full year revenue decreased with 11%. Circulation increase planned for 2011.
  • Netherlands: 15% EBIT with a EBIT of €3.6 million. Recruitment sales still slow.
  • France: break-even in 2009 – 4% EBIT loss in 2010. Caused by launching new editions. Competition is still extremely high in France. Metro wants to become the biggest paper in Paris by increasing distribution.
  • Russia (St. Petersburg): 29% EBIT margin: €2.9 million.
  • Hungary: first profits in many years thanks to cost cuts. EBIT margin 2%.
  • Hong Kong: 17% EBIT margin (€3.7 million), circulation will be increased.
  • Chile: 13% EBIT margin.
  • Mexico: 23% EBIT margin in first year that Metro has majority (72.5%) ownership.
  • Of the associated companies Canada was particularly successful.

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