Profit for Metro in 2010

metrologoMetro International CEO Per Mikael Jensen promised profits for 2010 and profits it is. The company reported a (EBIT) profit of €12 million, while in 2009 there still was a loss of €20 million.

“Canada and Sweden have been the best performers in the Group, improving EBIT by over €7 million each” in 2010 according to the presentation of the Q4 and full 2010 data. There was double digit sales growth in Sweden, Hong Kong, Chile and Canada.

Sales in Holland, Denmark and
France were weak. All subsidiaries except France
were profitable in 2010

According to Jensen: “Sales in Holland, Denmark and France were weak. All subsidiaries except France were profitable in 2010.”

So far, the only time since 1995 the company made a small profit was 2006, the year that CEO Pelle Tornberg left the company.

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