New editions for City Sweden

CityLundBonnier’s free daily City in Skåne (Malmö/Lund) has split this week into two separate editions for Malmö and Lund. The first Lund edition was published Monday 17 January.

This spring also an edition for Kristianstad will be launched according to a news item on the Bonnier website.

With these two new editions, the number of City editions will rise to five as there are also City dailies in Helsingborg and Landskrona since 2008.

The history of City is a curious one, as the first edition was launched by Bonnier (Dagens Nyheter / Expressen) in Stockholm in 2002, as a very late response to Metro’s success (since 1995) in the Swedish capital. The paper never made any profits, and when also Schibsted (Aftonbladet) launched free daily Punkt.SE, the position was further threatened. Punkt.SE closed in May 2008 when Schibsted bought 35% of Metro. Bonnier changed City Stockholm in September of that year to a three days-a-week paper; in 2009 one publication day was dropped.

The Gothenburg edition was already closed in December 2007. Only the Malmö edition survived while Helsingborg and Landskrona were added in 2008

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