Content analysis on Danish free dailies

kammerLast year we reported on a Danish research on the content of Danish free and paid newspapers. Based on this research, an article in the Danish journal Journalistica is now available.

“Gratisaviserne som en politisk ressource” (Free Daily Newspapers as a Political Resource) by Aske Kammer compares the political content of three free newspapers (MetroXpress, Nyhedsavisen and Urban) with that of tabloid Ekstra Bladet and quality paper Jyllands Posten.

The last paper contains more political content than the other papers, but the difference between free papers and tabloids was marginal, free daily Nyhedsavisen (closed in 2009) contained more political content than Ekstra Bladet.

Free papers also differed from each other, with Urban having much less politics on the front page for instance.

The article is in Danish, but with “Google translate” most tables ands graphs will make sense to non-Danish readers as well.

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