exploding website

metro_ca_minesThe website is turned into an exploding website until November 4th. The Metro press release:

Visitors of are immediately redirected to a website that looks and feels exactly like the Metro home page. The content on the page is comprised of articles and advertising about family, children and safety. A few moments later, a “landmine” imbedded in the site explodes and a cloud of smoke coats the webpage. This explosion is enhanced with sound so users feel the full impact of the landmine. When the dust clears, the entire home page has been destroyed. Pictures of people and playgrounds appear ruined. The articles themselves have shifted and broken apart, and a call to action for donations appears in the crater.

The purpose of the media execution is to drive donations to the Walk Without Fear Foundation (created by Mines Action Canada) by generating awareness about the impact and effects that landmines continue to have around the world – Every hour someone falls victim to a landmine.

There’s only limited danger outside of Canada probably – as I did not see it happening. [correction - it did happen, I was not patient enough.]

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