Austria: Krones loses / Heute wins

The last Austrian Media-Analyse data on readership showed – again – a decrease in readership for paid market leader Kronen Zeitung, while free daily Heute – again – gained readers.

Kronen, still by far the best-read paper in the country, had 2,824,000 readers in the 2009/2010 research (against 2,853,000 in 2009 and 2,944,000 in 2008). For the first time Kronen Zeitung reaches less than 40% (39.8) of the Austrian population.

Heute has now 770,000 readers (711,000 in 2009) and is the third paper after the paid Kleine Zeitung (886,000).

Free/paid model Österreich is fourth with 660,000 readers (671,000 in 2009). (click on graph for bigger view)


In Vienna Heute is second with 514,000 readers and already very close to Kronen Zeitung (519,000 daily readers).

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