Spits paperboy app

spitspaperboySince October 1, the ‘Paperboy’ option of Dutch free newspaper Spits is officially available.

After installing the Paperboy app (by Kooaba) on your iPhone or Android smart phone, you can take pictures of any page of the paper. The paperboy app recognizes thepapges can offers the user the opportunity to go to Spits’ website, save the page or send it to friends or a social network.

Some pages offer extra opportunities: watching the ‘floating frog‘ of Nobel prize winner prof. Geim, going to the website of a ‘mental coach’ or playing a game on your smart phone.

Tour operator Transavia will use the option in the next weeks to offer special deals for newspaper readers who take pictures of Transavia ads.

As every page is coded in the Paperboy database, special codes are not needed, but to point readers to the options, some articles do have codes like the one on the left.

Especially for advertisers, the feature offers many opportunities (watch the Publicitas movie).

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