YAM’s read Metro’s

The Metro Pan-European network reaches 10.7% of all Young Affluent Metropolitans (YAMs) in Western Europe every day. This means that this print publication is doing better than MTV (9.7%) and Eurosport (7.7%).

Metro Pan-European includes all Metro titles and its commercial partners, such as Metro (UK), Metro (Belgium), 20 Minutos (Spain) and 24timer (Denmark).

YAMs are defined by EMS as main income earners in the top 20% of households (by household income) aged 21-44 years living in metropolitan areas in the 16 Western European countries. YAMs is an attractive target group; 35 years old on average vs. 53 years old for the rest of EMS population; they have a €50,000 average personal income; they travel more and are more likely to be university graduates and early adopters than the rest of the EMS population. The YAM recode will be available in the next EMS release.

Metro PE also confirmed its position as the most read Pan-European print media among affluent Europeans, reaching 3.110 million affluent Europeans or 7.7% daily reach of the total 40 million universe of the survey, outperforming all daily, weekly and fortnightly Pan-European media.

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