Plan for second Dubai free daily

As the subway system in Dubai (open since September 2009) is expanding with new stations and new lines, plans are made to provide the passengers with a free Metro newspaper as well.

Kassab Media, the outdoor advertising company that has the contract to sell ad space on Dubai’s new rail system is behind the plans.“Once the network is fully operational we’re definitely launching a daily newspaper,” said Gerard Rustom, the regional sales director at Kassab Media to The National.

There is no definitive time schedule for the launch, it could be end of this year or March 2011 according to mr. Rustom.

The paper is expected to be distributed as well on the bus and boat services run by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). RTA said they would welcome a free paper but said noting about timing or publisher.

Currently free daily 7 Days (by Associated Newspapers), a paper very similar in lay-out to Metro UK, is published in Dubai, distributed in public places.

2 Responses to “Plan for second Dubai free daily”

  1. Chris John Says:

    Mr. Bikram Vohra is the Editor-In-Chief of Kassab Media’s New Newspaper? Is it true? Veteran journalist Bikram Vohra former Editor of Gulf News and present Senior Editorial Advisor of Khaleej Times will be invited for the second Dubai free Newspaper. Sure this paper will success. Wish all the success for the Veteran journalist and Kassab Media Dubai.

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Well, this is what I could detect from the article in The National, if you have more information on the plans or the launch, please post it.