20 Minutes Montpellier

20min_montpellier2010Left the first issue of the 11th edition of French free daily 20 Minutes (click for better view) that was launched last week.

The Montpellier edition was already the third edition of 20 Minutes launched in 2010, after Nice/Cannes (March) en Grenoble (May). Joint circulation of the three new editions is 70,000.

Total circulation of the eleven 20 Minutes editions by Schibsted and Sofiouest (Groupe Ouest France) is almost 850,000.

Metro, launching three editions this month, has a circulation of 750,000.

The joint VillePlus editions (local paid newspapers and the BollorĂ© group) have a circulation of almost 700,000, while BollorĂ©’s Direct Soir distributes around 350,000 copies.

France does not only shows an almost permanent growth in titles, editions (34 now) and circulation (2.6 million in 2010 against 2.4 million in 2009) but also saw only one edition close down ever (ToulonPlus in 2005).

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