Metro expands in France

Picture 1Apart from launching new editions in Metz, Nancy and Toulon, Metro France will also increase circulation in Paris, Nice and Toulouse.

On 21 September, Metro launched in Metz and Nancy with 20,000 copies. Today, Metro is also available in Toulon with 10,000 copies.

In Nice and Toulouse circulation is increased, while 60,000 more copies will be distributed in Paris from 1 October on. The copies will be distributed by a combination of hand promoters and racks in 50 new key street distribution points, over 40 train stations and 200 large company buildings in Greater Paris. In Paris a team of five local reporters and columnists work for the edition.

The aim is to differentiate Metro from other players by becoming the largest free newspaper in Paris and acquiring the best national coverage of free newspapers in France.

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