39th edition for Adevărul de Seară

GiurgiuWith the launch of the 39th edition of free Romanian evening paper Adevărul de Seară, the title more or less completed its mission of covering all major cities (59) in the country. Total circulation is now 510,000.

The last edition was launched last week in Giurgiu, where the paper distributes 6000 copies. Earlier this year editions in Alexandria, Calarasi, Tulcea, Zalau and Vaslui were launched. All editions have their own local pages and a different front page as well (Scroll down the website of Adevărul, halfway there is the option of downloading the different front pages.).

In 2008 the paper – spin off from paid paper Adevărul (The Truth) – launched 14 editions, in 2009 18 new editions were added, while the 6 from 2010 are the last ones. (Which makes 38, I am checking with my Romania sources to locate the missing one.)

In Bucharest (132,000), Timisoara (18,000) and Craiova (23,000) Adevărul de Seară distributes most copies. The paper is by far the paper with the highest circulation in the country.

Readership between April 2009 and April 2010 was 654,000 – with only 24 editions counted in full. (Adevarul)

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