Metro Canada launches MetroPlay

Tomorrow, September 7,  Metro Canada is launching MetroPlay; a brand extension of Metro, available in print and online. A MetroPlay iPhone App will be launched on September 20th.

According to the Metro press release:

MetroPlay is a fun, free, games product, intended to entertain and engage commuters with games like Sudoku, crosswords and word games. King, the number one provider for syndicated games across North America, has been selected as the content provider.

The development of the product is supported by research that Metro conducted with the MLP, Metro’s reader panel. According to the survey, 43% of respondents play games in Metro, and 72% said they would read or play a games product at lunch or on their way home. A further 40% said they would download a games application if it were available.

100,000 copies of MetroPlay will be distributed Monday –Friday at lunch hour and in the afternoon rush hour through a variety of distribution channels, including Gateway, International Newsstands and Pizza Pizza locations in the downtown core.

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