Danish papers see sharp decline in readership

The first 2010 data for Danish readership look pretty bad for all papers – either paid or free. In the first months the readership of MetroXpress, the best-read paper in the country was 451,000 against 489,000 in the last months of 2009 and 524,000 in 2009-I according to the TNS Gallup research.

Paid paper Jyllands-Posten is still second with 411,000 but lost  70,000 readers compared to 2009-II. Paid paper Politiken is third with 369,000 readers.

Free daily 24timer is the fourth Danish paper with 326,000 readers, before tabloid Ekstra Bladet (320,000 readers), while free paper Urban follows with 316,000 readers.

As is clear from the graph (click for bigger version), all papers lost compared to the previous period while also the long-term development is downwards.


3 Responses to “Danish papers see sharp decline in readership”

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  3. Mikael in Gothenburg,Sweden Says:

    Danish papers have not either the tradition of engagement of local news as papers have in other scandinavian countries.
    Danish papers have more of danish news in general with less of small communities news.That makes the papers more sensitive for folks changes of news consumption to other media.