Metro launches global branding campaign

Metro International has selected a brand team to create its first global branding campaign — therefore abandoning the traditional setup of working with a creative agency. The brand team, headed by Mattias Frodlund, a freelancer previously working for Leo Burnett, will develop a brand concept and a communication strategy targeting a number of stakeholders such as readers, advertisers, employees and shareholders. The campaign will be launched in multiple media channels in 19 countries from the beginning of 2011.

Per Mikael Jensen, President & CEO Metro International, says:

Our communication was previously aimed at establishing Metro as the world’s largest global newspaper. We have now been the biggest for four years and focus is moving from biggest to best. This year is ‘the year of the product’, and big investments are made in Metro World News, the central news desk in London, to supply unique high-quality content to all Metro newspapers. With 17 million daily readers, we have the opportunity to interview world leaders and celebrities such as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Mikhail Gorbachev and Naomi Campbell. Our readers know that the newspaper is better than ever. It is now time to let people who don’t already read Metro know this. (Metro Press Release)

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