Austrian free dailies steal blogger’s picture

Vienna blogger Helge Fahrnberger found out that both free newspapers in his home town took the concept ‘free’ to its limits when they took a picture from his blog without any attribution.

Fahrnberger took a picture (below, click for bigger version) of a billboard of the Austrian party FPÖ, and commented on the text that seemed to be quite similar to that of a Nazi-poster from 1938. He also posted the original 1938 poster on his blog on August 14.


On his blog Fahrberg has a disclaimer, stating that “Die Verwendung, auch im kommerziellen Umfeld, ist mit Namensnennung und Link erlaubt,” meaning that everyone can use it, but only with the correct source mentioned and with a link to the KOBUK! blog.

Two days later, Austrian quality paper Der Standard wrote about the issue, using Fahrnberger’s photo and indeed mentioned him as he one who started the discussion and took the picture.

Free daily Österreich wrote about it one day later, also using the picture, but this time without any source, and on August 20 the paper used the picture again without any credits.

Also free daily Heute used the picture two times, on August 17 and on August 20, once crediting their own photographer Sabine Hertel.

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