El Diario de Caracas closed

eldiariodecaracasAlready in September 2009, free El Diario de Caracas (Venezuela) closed down.

El Diario de Caracas started in 1979 as a paid tabloid paper. In 1995 it was closed down after a financial crisis. In 2005 Consorcio TP brought the paper back to life as a free daily.

The paper had a circulation of 50,000 and was published seven days a week.

Two free dailies remain in Venezuela: Primera Hora by paid paper El Nacional and Cuidad CCS, a government sponsored free daily.

As often in Latin America, political and business issues seem to be behind the closure (as they were behind the launch). Some information is on the noticias candela blog, where it is suggested that the people behind El Diario de Caracas had dealings with FARC (Colombia) and Sendero Luminoso (Peru). This information, however, is not substantiated with other material.

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