Wegener distributing Spits in 2011

Three Dutch newspaper publishers, Telegraaf Media Group, Wegener (part of Mecom) and NDC, will join efforts to distribute newspapers together in those parts of the country where Wegener and NDC distribute local newspapers. This includes all Dutch provinces except the Western part (North and South Holland) and Limburg.

As subscription is the dominant distribution model in the Netherlands (90% of the total circulation), cutting costs is the main goal of the operation.

Also free daily Spits, part of the Telegraaf Media Group, will be distributed by the new joint venture. As Wegener is in fact carrying out most of the distribution, this company will now distribute two free dailies, as it also takes care of the distribution of De Pers, the third free daily in the country (after Metro and Spits).

In December the new distribution model will start, and in 2011 it is expected to be fully operational.

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