Welt Aktuell expands to trains

WeltAktuell2010German free daily Welt Aktuell by publisher Axel Springer (Bild Zeitung, Die Welt) is expanding from planes to trains today.

The paper will be distributed in first class coaches of the ICE trains of Deutsche Bahn. In January the paper started to be distributed on domestic Lufthansa flights (see previous post).

How the circulation of Welt Aktuell is affected by the expansion is not clear. Circulation at launch was 30,000. The paper is distributed from 15:30 in the afternoon.

Earlier several free papers (ICE-press, Handelsblatt am Abend, FTD Kompakt) were distributed in trains, but none of those titles survived. Welt Kompakt, the cheaper tabloid version of broadsheet Die Welt, however, was distributed fro free in trains. Probably this title will vanish from trains.

One Response to “Welt Aktuell expands to trains”

  1. Falk Madeja Says:

    In the German ICE-trains jou get in the first-class-coaches for free: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Welt Kompakt and – I’m not shure for a moment – Bild. But only there. If you smart enter the train via the first class, you will always find some papers and the you enter the Bord Restaurant to drink a cup of koffie and to read your paper ;-).