20 Minuten loses readers for first time

For the first since the launch in 1999, Swiss free daily 20 Minuten (Tamedia) lost readers. With 1,365,000 daily readers it is still the best read Swiss newspaper, but the 2010-I data (October 2008 – September 2009) from WEMF show a decline compared to the 2009-II (April 2008 – March 2009) research when it had 1,419,000 readers.

Free evening daily Blick am Abend gained readers and went from 358,000 to 401,000 daily readers. Paid paper Blick again lost readers but is still the second paper in Switzerland. Also third paper Tages-anzeiger is losing readers again. Blick am Abend is now the fifth Swiss paper. (click on graph for better view)


In the French speaking part 20 Minutes also lost some readers, from 526,000 to  523,000 – the effect of the closure of competitor Le Matin Bleu, however, is not yet visible in the data. (Persoenlich)

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