Danish free cut circulation

Total circulation of Danish free dailies dropped from almost 2 million in 2006 to 1.3 million in 2007, 650,000 in 2008 and 520,000 in 2009. In the second half of 2009 average circulation was less than 500,000.

All three remaining free dailies declined in circulation compared to the first six months of 2009. This is partly the effect of non-publishing during the holiday months, but the average circulation in 2009 is also than the average of 2008 according to the latest DO data.

MetroXpress is still the free daily with the highest circulation; 200,000 in the second half of 2009 against 228,000 in the first six months. The average circulation in 2009 was 213,000 (227,000 in 2008).

Free daily Urban distributed 126,000 copies on average in 2009-II and 162,000 in 2009-I. The average circulation is now 144,000 (203,000 in 2008).

24timer (owned by Metro International) distributed 151,000 copies in 2009-II and 180,000 in the first six months. Average circulation in 2009 is 165,000 (224,000 in 2008).

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