Austrian free dailies

PietHeute2010Today in Linz – where I am talking at the VRM yearly meeting – I picked up the Linz editions of both Austrian national free dailies: Heute and Österreich. The last paper has a paid and a free edition.

Both papers counted 32 pages today (Thursday, March 11). Heute has a small (half Berliner) format; Österreich is a tabloid.

The Linz edition of Heute (80,000 copies) had three pages of ads, two of those were full page ads from retailers (Hofer, Penny Markt). I could not find any local information in the paper although it has a Linz office.

Österreich had 9 pages of advertising, some retailers but also computers (Dell), cars and telecom. The Linz/ÖO edition had local information as well.

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