Portuguese free circulation down in 2009

All free national Portuguese daily newspapers cut circulation in 2009 compared to the previous year. The recession that hit the country – mostly because the economy is so connected with Spain – apparently made publishers cut costs by decreasing page count and circulation.

The most recent circulation audit data by APCT reveals that Global Noticias cut circulation with almost 50% from 201,000 in 2008 to 105,000 on average in 2009.

Destak and Metro – now both belonging to the same publisher Cofina – cut circulation with almost 40%. Destak went down from 159,000 to 99,000; Metro from 168,000 to 105,000.

Free daily Meia Hora that closed down after the summer of 2009 ended with a circulation of 25,000 (60,000 in 2008).

Free economic paper OJE was stable with a circulation of 27,000. Local free Maidera daily Diario Cidade also reported the same circulation for 2008 and 2009: 22,000.

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