Mozambique free paper contains condom

verdade_condomI have seen free papers with holes, with wraps, with half wraps, with inserts, with pages sticking out, with stickers, with musical chips, with soap glued inside… but I never saw a free paper with a condom inside.

Free Mozambique weekly Verdade was (probably?) the first to do so. In their edition from last week a condom was glued inside the paper, much to the surprise of the readers.

The distribution took place in cooperation with DKT, an NGO which carries out awareness of the importance of using condoms in all sexual relations.

The picture left (click to enlarge) is from the Facebook website of Verdade. Two dozen pictures of the condom action are posted there. (You have to make friends with Verdade first to view them – but it’s worth it.)

Verdade also operates a YouTube channel (VerdadeTruth) with mostly videos of the distribution of the paper. Great movies of eager readers in Mozambique as you can see on this sample.

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