Strikers destroy French frees

DirectMatin2010Strikers at the Brodard Graphique printing plant in Coulommiers destroyed 150,000 copies of the Wednesday issues of French free daily Direct Matin (right).

Between 30 and 40 strikers put water on the copies by using the fire hoses at the factory. Also the tires of two trucks were cut.

Total circulation Direct Matin is around 450,000; Direct Matin printed more papers later to make up for the destroyed copies. (Le Monde, L’Express)

The main problem is that Vincent’s Bollor√©’s Direct Matin moved from the “newspaper” printing plant of Le Monde to the “commercial” printing plant of Brodard. The trade union CGT wants newspapers to be printed at newspaper printers, while newspapers prefer commercial printers were trade unions are less powerful and rates are lower. (see previous post)

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