London hoax?

By far the best report on the ‘new London freesheet’ is James Ball’s account of the curious enigma that is surrounding the new free weekly. Newspaperinnovation only covered the new publication once, when it was announced in November 2009 (see previous post).

As it is a weekly, and I mostly cover free dailies, the launch was not much of my concern, although the (free) publicity around it was more than impressive. Almost every medium in the UK devoted some articles on the new operation.

One of the reasons is that some considered it a successor of the defunct London Lite and thelondonpaper, mainly because everything that is handed out free is called a freesheet by some Brits. Well, there is a distinct different between a free weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (of which there a already many distributed in London) and a daily. The London Weekly – if there really is such a paper – will have very few similaries with London Lite, thelondonpaper, Metro or The Evening Standard.

In James Ball’s article all the weird things about the weekly are neatly summed up: who is working on the paper? Where is its office? Why the crappy website? Where does the money come from? Do they really have £10.5 million? Who is the publisher?

It could be a hoax of course… as Ball pointed out, he would be surprised if he could put a hand on the paper this Friday.

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