Yediot Ahronot part free

Israeli paid paper Yediot Ahronot has introduced a part-free distribution model in the past weeks. According to Israeli business paper Globes, Yediot Ahronot distributed the weekday edition at apartments, gas stations and public places in Jerusalem, Rishon LeZion and other cities. The paper did not distribute its weekend edition for free.

It is not clear whether this is a move to a permanent part-free model or just heavy promotion of the paper. Yediot Ahronot was the largest Israeli newspaper in the last years with a circulation of 300,000 in 2006; now it has dropped to 250,000.

Free daily Israel Today (launched in 2007) now has the same circulation, while its recently launched weekend edition increased circulation to 350,000. The battle for the top position no doubt inspired Yediot Ahronot’s move.

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