Austrian frees

vienna2009Being in Austria, it seems appropriate to cover the free daily situation. The country has quite a long history of free newspapers, starting with U-Express in 2001 (closed in 2004), free daily Heute in Vienna from 2004 on and expanding to other regions were also new free dailies launched (Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt).

In 2010 the battle is between all-free Heute with editions in Vienna, Niederösterreich (St. Pölten) and Oberösterreich (Linz/Wels/Steyr) and paid/free model Österreich with four editions (Vienna, Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich and national). Both are going for the position as second paper after undisputed (paid) market leader Kronen Zeitung. The second position, however, is now still occupied by paid paper Kleine Zeitung.

Heute has a circulation of  470,000 copies while Österreich distributed in 2009 123,000 free copies and 143,000 paid copies (total 260,000). In readership both papers reach the same number of readers : 684,000 for Österreich and 680,000 for Heute (2008/2009). (Kronen Zeitung reaches 2.9  million readers, Kleine Zeitung 843,000)

In September, however, Österreich increased total circulation to 500,000 on Thursday and Friday; meaning increasing free circulation with 170,000 on those days. The readership data for the whole year 2009 will prove whose the winner and whether Kleine Zeitung has lost its second place already.

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