Bolloré changes printers

directmatin2009From next week on, the Paris morning free daily Direct Matin by the Bolloré group will be printed at Brodard Graphique (Coulommiers).

Since the launch of the paper, three years ago, it was printed by Le Monde, that also holds a 30% stake in Direct Matin and provides content for the free daily.

According to an interview with the president of Bolloré Média, Jean-Christophe Thiery, in Le Figaro, the sole reason for switching printers is that Le Monde cannot offer the quality Direct wants.

Checking, however, the three Paris papers (Metro, 20 Minutes, Direct Matin) I picked up  last November in Paris, I cannot see much differences. So there could be other reasons.

Brodard Graphique filed for bankruptcy protection in November and is going through a restructuring process these months. For this, the company needs new customers, and probably offers these new customers a ‘competitive’ price for printing. It is not sure that Direct Matin will be printed in the new facilities, however. On January 4, the workers organized by CGT, went on strike.

Most printing plants (including Le Monde and Brodard Graphique) are  controlled by trade union CGT, a very strong organization in France. When free dailies launched in 2002 they were the ones who organized violent protests – most of all because the papers wanted to print in non CGT-controlled printing plants. Metro and 20 Minutes were partly printed abroad (Luxembourg and Germany), and later, after a cease-fire with CGT, partly on ‘their’ presses as well.

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