Ads & wraps in Singapore

Today2010Singapore online news website TheOnlineCitizen contained an interesting piece on the free dailies in the country last week.

It mainly commented on the number of cover wraps Today and MePaper use. Today leads in that area:

“From 3 to 24 December, 12 out of 16 weekday day issues carried a full-page advert on its front cover. Over the same period of time, My Paper did the same for 7 out of 16 issues.”

The blog post also contained an interesting graph on the percentage of ads in both free papers. Today, in particular, is doing quite well in terms of ad-share with often more than 60% of its space devoted to ads.

Although the authors are quite negative about the number of wraps (”whoring out the front page”) and the high percentage of ads (”where’s the news?”), some commenters think otherwise.

(I think that wraps are good for revenues, but bad for picking up papers. I have the distinct feeling – based on observation only) that free dailies with cover wraps in boxes or racks are picked up less than papers with ‘real’ front pages.)

Right Today’s front page of Monday¬† 11 January (click for enlargement)… with a wrap of course.

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