UK update: Standard & MEN for sale

No subeditor would allow a heading like the one above. But this is a blog and I can do whatever I want.

Both The Evening Standard and the Manchester Evening News are for sale, but in the first case it only concerns some copies, in the second it’s the whole paper.

The Evening Standard first revealed that it was charging some new agents 2p a copy just to stock the free paper. News agents like to have copies of the paper in order to lure customers in. The Evening Standard editor, Geordie Greig told the BBC Radio 4 Media Show:

“We used to pay a large commission to newsagents to sell the Standard. We now have dozens of newsagents paying us 2p a copy to have copies in their shop … which they then give away.”

TheĀ  price, however, seems to go up, as news agents outside the city center will probably be charged 15p a piece for each copy of the free paper. According to the Guardian the paper signed up already 71 retailers. In January the newsagents get a single bundle of 60 copies a day for free. From February on they will have to pay the 15p while the number of copies can be changed. The Evening Standard has encouragedĀ  retailers to trial charging customers and several are known to have started to do so.

The MEN (part free / part paid) seems to be for sale in total. Owner Guardian Media Group has been talking about selling the paper according to The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

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