Direct Strasbourg Plus launched

Today the sixth edition of Vincent Bolloré’s free daily Direct Plus is launched in Strasbourg. The paper is distributed with a circulation of 30,000 in the morning. (Le JDD)

Earlier Bolloré’s group launched evening paper Direct Soir in Paris (2006) and a morning edition in the capital a year later; in 2007 Direct Nantes was launched, in 2009 Direct Toulouse and Direct Nice. Total circulation of these titles is around 1.3 million.

The Bolloré Direct Plus papers collaborate with free ‘Plus’ papers in Marseille, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Montpellier. These titles have a joint circulation of 240,000.

Free dailies 20 Minutes (26,000 copies) and Metro (15,000 copies) publish editions in Strasbourg since 2005.

The Bolloré / Plus combination has the same circulation as Metro and 20 Minutes combined in the whole of France.

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