Readership in Poland

Polish readership over the last four years reveals a rather persistent decline in readership for all newspapers. (Data by Polish Readership Survey Ltd. / Millward Brown SMG/KRC.)

Fakt (Springer) is now leading before Gazeta Wyborcza (Agora), but both of them lost many readers over the last years. Fakt went from a reach of 18.9% to 14.3; Gazeta Wyborcza went from 19.7 to 14.1. Also Rzeczpospolita (from 5.3 to 4.0) and Springer’s Dziennik Polska (from 8.2 to 2.8) saw a sharp decline in readership.

Also free daily Metro (Agora) lost readers (from 8.2 to 6.3), even after the closure of competitor Metropol in the beginning of 2007. (click for bigger view)


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