Spanish research on immigrants in free newspapers

herzog2009Benno Herzog (University of Valencia) conducted a research on how migrants and ethnic minorities are depicted in three free daily newspapers (20 Minutos, Metro and Mini Diario) in Valencia.

In the empirical part 213 newspaper articles about migration and ethnic minorities are analysed with a quantitative and a qualitative approach. The articles show that free papers paint a rather negative image of the migrant population. This can be explained by the way news is produced; there seems to be a low level of elaboration and a high use of administrative and police sources.

The study, which can be downloaded from this website, won the solidarity price of the city of Valencia “Valencia se solidariza”.

Dr. Benno Herzog is researcher at the UISYS, Unidad de Información e Investgiación Social y Sanitaria, University of Valencia, CSIC and lecturer for language sociology at the Department of Sociology.

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