Third free daily in Caracas

CCS2009Apart from Primera Hora and El Diario de Caracas (both launched in 2005) a third free daily appeared in the Venezuelan capital Caracas on August 8: Cuidad CCS (revoluciĆ³n a diario). Publisher is the Caracas municipal government.

Circulation is around 20,000, while the paper is distributed 7 days a week. The issue left (no. 114) is from Sunday November 2009.

The paper generally counts 16 or 20 pages (very few with ads) and can be viewed online with a smart ‘Issuu’ ePaper application.

The word ‘Gratis’ is depicted prominently on the front page, with a text under it asking to call a telephone number if someone tries to sell the paper.

More interesting, however, is page 3.

“El Presidente” of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Chavezgets a whole page (click for bigger view) to speak to the readers of CCS, while also on other pages it is quite clear that CCS is pro-government.

Chavez has a long-standing conflict with most privately owned media in Venezuela, but mostly with radio and TV stations as these media are used most by the population.

In August some TV and radio stations were closed down, according to the government because of violation of their licenses, but according to opposition sources because of their anti-Chavez editorial line. In the same month also a new ‘media crimes’ law was proposed.

In 2007 Chavez decided not to renew the license of RCTV, a TV station that supported the 2002 coup against Chavez.

The battle apparently has moved to (free) newspapers as well.

The manifesto that was presented at launch stated that the paper stood for: “ethical journalism, popular, responsible, activist and revolutionary truth, to accompany the people in the pursuit of their political emancipation, economic, social and cultural development”. (thanks to ABYZ Newslinks)

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