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VarttiOne of my former students, Dennis Bruitzman, who is now stationed in Finland, reacted to last week’s post Free in Finland with some corrections and additions. It seems that Helsinki (and other major cities) are flooded with free publications, of which I saw only a few during my short stay. Metro, however, is the only free daily. A dozen Finnish frees:

  • Varti (Sanoma) is distributed once a week door to door and in shopping centers. Circulation is 700,000 while there are 7 different editions in Helsinki and 4 in other areas where it is distributed twice a week. Vartti also has a Russian edition called Kvartal (circulation 50,000), which is made in cooperation with the Russian paid/free magazine Spektr.
  • City (Janton) has 9 editions for different cities; in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere the magazine is published twice a month, in other markets once a month. Circulation is 222,000. The logo is similar to the Swedish Bonnier free paper. Publisher Janton started in 1997 free daily Uutislehti 100, which was bought later by Sanoma and merged with Metro.
  • The Helsinki Times (weekly in English) is not free (it was free in my hotel) but sells for €3. Circulation 15,000.
  • The monthly Metropoli targets young people and has a circulation of 140,000 in 5 different markets.
  • Marimekko contains only ads by the clothing brand of the same name.
  • Matkaan is published by Finnish railways VR and distributed in stations.
  • Music magazine Sue is distributed monthly with a circulation of 60,000 in several markets.
  • YTV contains information about public transport and other issues concerning the local community in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
  • Voima is distributed 10 times a year, focus is on culture, circulation 60,000.
  • SixDegrees is published in English once a month by the owner of the Helsinki Times with a circulation of 50,000 in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Jyväskylä.
  • Swedish language monthly Papper is focused on fashion and lifestyle is distributed with all Swedish newspapers in Finland. Circulation 135,000.
  • Como is published 10 times a year. Circulation 60,000. Focus: music, movies, games and lifestyle.

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