Evening Standard to 800,000 in 2010

Not a circulation hike from 600,000 to 750,000 at Xmas as the Evening Standard management announced earlier, but an increase to 800,000 “later” in 2010. First the paper will overhaul its distribution system in January.

Also, the early afternoon edition, News Extra, will be terminated while the West End Final evening edition, which goes to print at 2 PM now, will be moved to a later slot. (Campaign)

One Response to “Evening Standard to 800,000 in 2010”

  1. trevor nott Says:

    I live in Caterham and,until 2 days ago,the only place i could pick up an Evening Standard was Tesco in Caterham. No delivery there for 2 days!! Is this the end of the Standard in this area?