The end of ‘News’ might be near

news2008Swiss publisher Tamedia will decide on the fate of free daily News halfway December according to Swiss business magazine Bilanz.

The free paper will have to cooperate very closely with paid paper Tages-Anzeiger (forced advertising combination and mainly increasing Tages-Anzeigers readership in total) or close down.

News was launched in December 2007 to counter free daily .CH and protect the position of free daily 20 Minuten (also by Tamedia). ‘Ch’ closed down in May of this year.

The edition for Mittelland was closed in December 2008, the Basle and Berne editions closed at the end of August after local partners pulled out.

News is now only available in Zurich. Circulation is around 100,000 – readership should be not more than 200,000.  According to Persoenlich, News made a loss of 7m Swiss Francs this year.

This morning, however, there was not a copy of News available in Zurich as I got up. 20 Minuten counted an impressive 60 pages, while yesterday’s Blick am Abend printed 36 pages. Both are more exciting papers than Tages-Anzeiger and NZZ.

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