Counting Paris pages & ads

20minfrance2009Just got back from Paris where I picked up Monday the three morning papers Direct Matin, Metro and 20 Minutes. Not easy, at 8 in the morning most of them have already been picked up.

Metro is the largest in size, a traditional tabloid (36*28 cm). It counted 32 pages, 15 with ads – not including ads from the paper itself. There is some speculation in France that minority shareholder TF1 wants to sell their shares in the company, also after the broadcaster sold another printed medium, the magazine PiliPili.

DirectMatin (Bolloré Group) is smaller, half Berliner (32*23.5 cm), also 32 pages, 10 pages devoted to ads. Compared to my last trip, the quality of DirectMatin seems to improve. The paper contained three pages from Le Monde and one page from Courrier International.

Market leader 20 Minutes is even smaller (29*23 cm). 40 pages in total, 22 with ads (including the fake cover ad for Motorola, left).

I haven’t seen evening paper Direct Soir, but all editions are online. The Monday paper counted 24 pages, only 6 with ads. Also some improvement in editorial quality for this BollorĂ© paper. It had a full page exclusive comic.

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