Ringier integrates newsroom

Swiss publisher Ringier will integrate the newsrooms of tabloid Blick, Sunday paper Sonntagsblick, free daily Blick am Abend and the Blick.ch website between December and March 2010. Cutting costs and avoiding overlap are drivers behind the operation.

Ringier director Marc Walder informed the staff of the papers last week and made it clear that resistance will not be tolerated “we need nobody who feels sorry for himself because he has to work in a newsroom”.

Staff members have to apply before November 13 for a new position, meaning working no longer for one of the former brands but for News, Politics, Business, People, Lifestyle, Sports, Photo and Layout. Four news managers will be assigning content for the four different “channels”.

On December 1 all positions should be filled. In the process some people will lose their jobs while also salaries will be renegotiated. (Persoenlich, Bassler Zeitung)

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