15min goes 2.0 & underwater

In September 2009 free Lithuanian paper 15min went from a daily to a three-days-a-week schedule. The decline in the local advertising market (45-50%) caused publisher Schibsted to take drastic measures. The paper now distributes 93,000 copies on the days it is published.

The paper is also more active online. The 15min website attracts now 60,000 daily, 205,000 weekly and 600,000 monthly unique users. The citizen journalism site IKRAUK is doing well, getting around 10,000 daily visitors and many news feeds from the users as well. 15min also launched a Facebook page, getting 7500 fans in the last three months.

15minunderwaterThe most curious innovation, however, is the underwater laminated 15min paper, which is being used in Vichy aquapark in Vilnius, people can read news while laying in Jacuzzi.

The park gets 15min files; then print and laminate these themselves and offer these to their visitors. (click for larger version)

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  1. Rodrigo Schoenacher Says:

    Excellent post! Interesting solution for newspapers.