Politico expands online

politicoRobert Allbritton, owner of Washington based website and free daily Politico is going for the Washington market with a website for local news. Allbritton already owns two local TV stations in Washington and will merge the websites of these stations with the new website.

The new website, that will employ no less than 50 journalists will be headed by Washington Post veteran Jim Brady according to The New Republic.

The Politico operation, however, is financially supported by the free Politico newspaper. So the next plan could be to do a similar trick with the new website, not only competing with the Washington Post (online) but also with its free daily Express.

One Response to “Politico expands online”

  1. Jim Long Says:

    What’s interesting to me is that at a recent Online News Association conference, Jim Brady stressed MOBILE.

    I think a BIG part of their strategy will be mobile applications

    Given higher CTR’s on mobile display ads, this could be a smart move.

    Also interesting to me is that all of this is being framed as “Post-Killer”. Truth is, this will have an impact on all local media.