Heute plans weekend edition in 2010

Austrian free daily Heute is planning a Sunday or a weekend edition for Vienna according to director Eva Dichand in an interview in Die Presse. According to Der Standard the final decision will be made in February, meaning that the weekend edition could be launched in Q2 2010.

Circulation would be at least as high as the weekday circulation of around 350,000. Competition with part free / part paid paper Österreich will increase and will force Österreich to move to an all-free model according to Eva Dichand.

At the same time, rumors emerged that Hans Dichand, Eva’s father in law and the 50% owner of Austrian market leader Kronen Zeitung is indeed involved in Heute (which he can’t do without the consent of the owner of the other 50%: German publisher WAZ). The son of Günther Havranek (who controls through a foundation the majority of the Heute shares) said to magazine News that his father was keeping an eye (”Kontrolleur”) on Heute for Dichand. Havranek later denied this while Eva Dichand called it rubbish (”Blödsinn”).

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